Classic Makeup in San Francisco

I just wanted to send out a quick post from the L’oreal Professional show in San Francisco.

Easy breezy classic makeup is so universal. The goal was to create a makeup look that worked for these three very different hair looks. The challenge was for the cosmetic application to be the same (universal) look, and to be on trend.

In this case, you can’t beat a classic cat-eye!

The looks for spring 2015 can back that statement up. These are just a few looks I collected for my next post on the eye liner of the season.


I like to use the lashes as my guide. Lay the applicator on the lashes, slide the length of the brush next to the skin, and glide along the lash line. Start in the middle of the lid (where you want the most concentration of color) and glide to the outside edge of the eye. Don’t reload your wand with product.

Use the wand that has slightly less product to apply liner to the inside corner of the eye in the same manner as before.
Don’t forget to lift the brow while you apply product. This will ensure that you get the color close to the lashes.

If you want to learn more about this technique, check my post “Demystify the Cat-eye”.

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